Insider Tips: Top 5 Web Development Trends To Expect In 2023

Insider Tips: Top 5 Web Development Trends To Expect In 2023

Industry trends come with each passing year. Some trends stick around while others fade away after failing to live up to their hype. At the end of each year and the beginning of the new calendar, you will always come across people in different industries grabbing crystal balls and tarot cards trying to predict future trends in their niches.

If you are a CEO, MD, entrepreneur, marketer or web developer looking to build and/or maintain a great website design in 2023, we will discuss some of the trends you should expect to take through in web development in 2023.

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1. Dark Mode Feature for Mobile Devices and Desktops

The dark mode feature hasn’t really been available on all web and app devices in the past. However, the popularity of this feature has increased significantly in the last few years. For a lot of app and web users, the dark mode feature is important since it helps protect the eyes from the bright screen glare especially at night. People who are constantly using their devices while on the move also love the app since it helps in preservation of battery power – an important thing when you have no idea when you will next get an opportunity to charge your gadget.

2. Initial Web Development Will Be Mobile-Focused

With the use of handheld mobile devices continuing to rule, it will be no surprise that developers will mostly focus on first developing software for mobile devices. Some of the features that you may see incorporated for mobile devices include the dark mode feature we have just discussed among others.

3. WordPress Will Continue Reigning as the Go-To Platform for Web Development

WordPress is the global leaders when it comes to running websites that run on open-source Content Management Systems (CMS). Around 43% of all websites globally use open-source CMS with 64% of these using WordPress.

Developers love WordPress mostly because of its flexibility. WordPress is a highly customisable CMS that allows web developers to create and run highly functional, robust and scalable websites that are relied upon by the some of the biggest brands globally. Additionally, WordPress also allows developers and designers to create websites using themes available at the site. These means that users can create websites without needing to code. Once a developer has created a website through WordPress, they can easily edit and add features to the site. This is one of the main reasons why it is loved by small business owners who rely on their in-house tech teams to manage and implement small website changes.

4. Chatbots & AI Will Continue Being More Intelligent

One of the best examples of Artificial Intelligence being used to enhance customer service operations by businesses is the use of chatbots on websites. It is however important to note that not all chatbots are AI-based but even those are not can still provide the information needed by potential customers. Chatbots that are AI-powered are smarter than those that are not AI-powered. AI-powered chatbots have advanced design features including behavioural analysis and problem-solving skills that eventually provide far better services to users. Though chatbot and AI capabilities are already highly advanced, expect to see even greater advancement and reliance on these features in 2023.

5. The Optimisation of Page Speed Using Code

Though on-page optimisation is almost always the job of the individual handling the SEO needs of a website, the web developer usually plays a critical role in optimising the page speed of a website. The level of animation, movement, and responsiveness of a website all affect the load time of a page. As it is, research suggests that most people expect that their pages should load within two seconds. If the wait time exceeds three seconds, there is usually a higher chance of a user bouncing off. This simply indicates that most website users are impatient and expect to enjoy a fast and seamless browsing experience.

Final Words

Web development is highly dynamic with developers having to make many changes, all of which are geared towards meeting the needs and expectations of web surfers. In the article above, we have pointed some of the trends which will likely take hold in 2023 including the demand for better and more visually appealing sites as well as improved page loading speeds. However, it is important to remember that there is one nexus point that all these trends have in common – the site user.