• MBA Education: Accreditation
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    MBA Education: Accreditation

    Today, many universities and business schools give MBA degrees. How to make a good choice of school? How to navigate in a sea of diverse, not invariably reliable information?

    According to surveys of potential MBA programs listeners, which can be regularly conducted by Begin Group company project, 47% of respondents consider school reputation the most critical indicators. Applicants confirm the use of school accreditation serves a crucial element of its image.

    Both schools and individual programs might be considered accredited and highly relevant to international standards. If an institution is qualified to offer business education, therefore its programs meet standards. The following organizations involved in accreditation might be best known: AACSB International (USA), AMBA (Europe), EQUIS (Europe) and ECBE (Europe).

    Different countries likewise have national organizations that accredit schools and programs when it comes to compliance with standards. For example, the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools is just one of the well-known institutions of this kind within the U.S.

    Organizations providing services for accreditation of education:

    • AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
    • AMBA (Association of MBAs)
    • EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)
    • ECBE (European Council for Business Education)
    • RABE (Russian Association of Business Education)


    AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) – the main U.S. organization operating within the said area. AACSB was made in 1916. Its goal is to increase the quality of higher education in business administration and management. At this time, the Association accredited 426 organizations all over the world.

    Only nine greater than 100 business schools inside the UK are accredited by three leading organizations inside the UK, Europe as well as the USA.

    International Organization of AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) gives accreditation only to those schools which meet expectations of business and academic communities with a lot of quality standards.

    AACSB International Accreditation ensures stakeholders a company school:

    • manages resources in an attempt to perform appropriate vital mission;
    • develops knowledge running a business and management using higher-education teaching personnel;
    • conducts training at quality education programs at the highest level;
    • creates conditions for fruitful interaction between students and faculty;
    • graduate students who completed specific training plans.


    • Association of MBA (AMBA) deals with problems of education in management for university graduates and promotes the formation of professional manager class, addressing two major challenges:
    • Promote MBA in academic institutions, interest prospective students and
  • MBA Education - The Right Course For a Bright Future
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    MBA Education – The Right Course For a Bright Future

    Corporate India is on an all-time an excellent source of hiring. Indian and global companies eye India like a lucrative option because of its immense manpower. In such a scenario there exists a potent interest in skilled and well-trained managers. A degree in Management will be the necessity of the hour.

    Now the question arises- which course when you go for? With an array of traditional and innovative MBA courses being offered, it is vital to choose the right stream. Something that you’re passionate about, something that you rely on, a subject that’s your strong point must be your preferred field. A typical MBA program features a primary curriculum like finance, human resource, business management, international business, it, communication management, their email list is endless. The secondary curriculum offers you a selection of electives.

    The Hospitality and Tourism marketplace is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. This marketplace is facing an enormous shortage of qualified and experienced professionals who may take proper its growing demands. Upcoming luxury hotels, the booming aviation industry, tourism development have led to the opening of the latest opportunities over these fields. In such a scenario an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism certainly gives you a benefit.

    With companies relying heavily on the development and mobilization of these human resources- MBA in Human Resource Management is fast-becoming a lucrative career option. A degree in HRM turns you into a manager in charge of the standard of human resources within an organization. It helps you deal with personnel management and industrial relations.

    The IT industry is ruling the economy. In such a scenario an MBA degree in Systems Management is often a lucrative option. This course forces you to skilled in systems consultancy, account management, systems department of organizations, business development and sales & marketing. You are taught to develop Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

    If you adore numbers then MBA Finance could be the answer you’re looking for. It’s the necessity of every organization from your IT sector to business conglomerates and also NGO’s. A management degree in Finance enables you to understand and handle the dynamic company of your enterprise like accounting, economics, banking, market structure, etc.

    Interested in brand management, customer insight, and general market trends? An MBA in marketing is made for you. You will learn in regards to the entire gamut of marketing activities of an enterprise or product like general …