Corporate Wellness Platforms

Corporate Wellness Platforms

There are a few different corporate wellness platforms available to choose from. Vitality, for example, does not disclose pricing details, including how many users are required for a free trial. They also do not offer a money-back guarantee or return policy. They do not offer a free trial, however, which could make them an unsuitable fit for small to mid-size employers.


Whether you’re looking to introduce a health and wellness program to your employees or you’re looking for the right corporate wellness platform to track employee data, there are many options to choose from. The Wellics platform, for example, provides a multifaceted approach to employee wellness, with monitoring options that cover work environment, sleep, and mood. It also features extensive data analytics capabilities to measure the impact of your wellness program. The platform also features an educational system that lets you set custom metrics and send weekly email guidance to your employees.

As with any software solution, the corporate wellness platform you choose must be able to handle the sensitive information of your employees. Because of this, you should ensure that the platform is highly secure and complies with all privacy laws. It should also allow you to easily integrate third-party wellness innovations, such as health risk assessments, skills training, and wearables.


The Burnalong corporate wellness platform is a great solution for companies looking to offer their employees a healthy work environment. It is perfect for organizations with a thousand or more employees looking to manage benefits, employee …

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The Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

The Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

In order to reap the maximum benefits from corporate wellness programs, you need to first define the concrete purpose of the program. While it may be a good idea to promote employee health, it is possible that employees will see the purpose of the program as something more simplistic than that. In this case, it is important to set short and long-term goals for the program. By doing so, employees will be able to understand the purpose of the program.

Increased productivity

There are many benefits to implementing a corporate wellness program at work. In addition to improving employee health, these programs help to reduce costs and reduce turnover. These programs can include smoking cessation initiatives, on-site vaccinations, physical fitness incentive programs, pharmacy benefits, guest speakers, and educational materials.

Studies have shown that healthy employees are more productive. As a result, corporate wellness programs can reduce employee absences and health insurance costs. In addition, these programs help employees reduce stress and improve job satisfaction, which can be a major boost for a company’s bottom line. And since employees are more likely to be healthy, it can also lead to a greater sense of teamwork and engagement.

One study showed that high-engaged employees were 55 percent less likely to miss work due to illness than employees who were not engaged. In addition, those high- engaged employees had less emergency room visits and hospital admissions. While the study could not identify the exact mechanisms behind these improvements, it was clear that they …

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Four Wellness Program Ideas For Your Business

Four Wellness Program Ideas For Your Business

If you’re looking for a unique way to motivate and inspire your employees, consider a wellness program. There are many great ways to encourage employee participation, including offering incentives and a friendly competition. Find common interests among your workforce, and tailor your program around those interests. In addition to motivating employees to participate, wellness programs are also a great way to foster positive company culture.

Boost employee morale

Wellness programs can help you boost employee morale in a variety of ways. Not only can they increase employee satisfaction, but they can also help your company save money on healthcare costs. For example, exercise is a great stress reliever that also increases the feel-good hormones, endorphins. You can offer your employees discounts on gym memberships and reimbursements for joining sports teams and workout centers.

You can hold activities during the workday and on the weekend that will promote a team-building environment and get people out of the office. Wellness programs can also help new employees make friends and develop relationships. Many new employees have limited time and are unfamiliar with the city they are starting their careers in. Employees will appreciate the chance to meet new people and build relationships – two essential ingredients to employee wellness.

Incentivize participation

If you want to increase employee participation in wellness programs, you should consider using incentive programs. Incentives can be used to motivate employees to lose weight, attend fitness classes, or attend events. However, they must be fair and accessible to all employees. …

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Feng Shui Suggestions for Health

Feng Shui Suggestions for Health

Determine your Heavenly Physician location 1st of all by producing use of your Gua quantity. You might use our free Gua Calculator to learn your Heavenly Medical doctor place. For great health, sleep along with your head directed towards the Heavenly Physician place (after you are prone on the bed, your head really should be pointing towards this place – not your feet!). For those who sleep with your spouse or partner and you are not positive on the way to proceed, no worries. Both of you should then sleep accordingly following the main breadwinner’s Heavenly Doctor location.

If this is not achievable for you, the next very best point will be to merely sleep along with your head pointing towards your other two auspicious directions based on your Gua number.

How about producing the use of gemstones for some crystal healing? The jade crystal has long been touted as the stone to turn to for health crises. The jade stone, fresh and effervescent, is reputed to become a cure for all forms of ills and pains. We like this crystal mainly because it is a stunning Oriental-themed item suitable for sprucing up the home and its health-rich advantages are indispensable for the health-conscious among us!

Jade products within the shape with the tortoise, Chinese coins, and even wu lous are extremely auspicious to have because the marriage in between the jade in addition to a health-rich Feng Shui item is a double-plus for your health. Place these things close …

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7 Added benefits of a Corporate Wellness Plan

7 Added benefits of a Corporate Wellness Plan

Corporate wellness applications can help a company’s employees turn out to be happier, healthier, and more productive. Learn how a productive corporate wellness program can benefit your organization by:

1. Reducing Healthcare Costs

Wellness programs are demonstrated to have a wholesome return on investment. They are a fantastic way for companies to combat insurance premiums which might be increasing out of handle. In the case of health insurance coverage premiums, quantifiable savings is usually measured over time. Quick savings might not seem evident as a consequence of the time it takes for employees to benefit from a healthier way of life options; having said that, intangibles in all-round business fees are just as critical. The rest of this list particulars these other rewards that often go overlooked since they are hard to quantify on a corporation’s balance sheet.

2. Reducing Employee Illness and Absenteeism

The popular cold, the nasty flu, obesity or chronic illness – there are some from the lot of motives, compact and huge, why the staff is absent from work. You will find just as many modest modifications in lifestyle that will influence overall health and well-being. A system that involves education, education and skilled well-being care can significantly lower absenteeism. And when employees come to work sick, other workers often turn into sick who otherwise would not have.

3. Lowering Presenteeism

Are your employees perform but “out of it.” Presenteeism could be the issue of workers being around the job but, due to healthcare circumstances or …

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