Corporate Wellness Platforms

Corporate Wellness Platforms

There are a few different corporate wellness platforms available to choose from. Vitality, for example, does not disclose pricing details, including how many users are required for a free trial. They also do not offer a money-back guarantee or return policy. They do not offer a free trial, however, which could make them an unsuitable fit for small to mid-size employers.


Whether you’re looking to introduce a health and wellness program to your employees or you’re looking for the right corporate wellness platform to track employee data, there are many options to choose from. The Wellics platform, for example, provides a multifaceted approach to employee wellness, with monitoring options that cover work environment, sleep, and mood. It also features extensive data analytics capabilities to measure the impact of your wellness program. The platform also features an educational system that lets you set custom metrics and send weekly email guidance to your employees.

As with any software solution, the corporate wellness platform you choose must be able to handle the sensitive information of your employees. Because of this, you should ensure that the platform is highly secure and complies with all privacy laws. It should also allow you to easily integrate third-party wellness innovations, such as health risk assessments, skills training, and wearables.


The Burnalong corporate wellness platform is a great solution for companies looking to offer their employees a healthy work environment. It is perfect for organizations with a thousand or more employees looking to manage benefits, employee portals, and reward programs. However, this corporate wellness platform isn’t right for every company, so there are some things to consider before you choose it. First, make sure you know your company’s size and budget before making a decision.

Burnalong is a wellness platform that offers holistic classes and wellness coaching. It covers a variety of wellness topics, and its classes can help employees with chronic conditions or those with disabilities. The company also offers classes that promote social motivation, such as meditation and yoga, as well as financial literacy and emotional literacy.

Sprout at Work

Sprout at Work is a corporate health and wellness platform that enables companies to create a culture that puts employee health first. With its wellness engagement program, employees can take part in a range of activities and receive real-time results on their progress. This results in high engagement rates, reduced healthcare costs and a more productive workforce. Employees can also access personalized articles, resources and tools for managing their health. To get started, a company must register for the Sprout at Work platform.

Sprout at Work is a corporate health platform created by a company that focuses on predictive health technology. Its flagship product, iamYiam, enables users to track their own health data, which provides personalised recommendations and advice on how to improve their lives. Additionally, iamYiam also measures ROI and creates an environment that supports healthy behavior.


Vitality corporate wellness platforms provide health and wellness programs to your employees, which can be used to reward and motivate employees to improve their health. There are several types of goals that can be set up, and participants can earn reward items such as fitness devices and magazines, as well as vouchers. The platform can also be used to help employees become more physically active, as there are many challenges that can be set up to motivate employees to improve their health and fitness.

Vitality offers multiple health and wellness solutions that are completely customizable and cost-effective. Their Gateway Flex platform provides new levels of flexibility and control, allowing employers to respond to their employees’ needs. The platform is also designed to offer data on use and health impact. Moreover, employers can remove or add partner services, according to their needs.


Woliba is a corporate wellness platform that allows companies to create a wellness culture for their employees. With a fully virtual platform and benefits hub, it aims to make corporate wellness a reality. It offers gamification, fitness content, and a library of pre-made challenges. It’s primarily designed for organizations with twenty- five to two hundred employees.

With Woliba, employees can set wellness goals and take a series of challenges that encourage physical activity and behavior change. With the Woliba platform, employees can also share their progress with their colleagues, creating a support group to help them stay accountable and motivated. In addition, Woliba’s wellness library gives employees the chance to learn more about different aspects of wellness and its benefits.