The Best and Healthiest Chain Restaurants

The Best and Healthiest Chain Restaurants

There are a number of chain restaurants that are known to be healthier than most. Some of them are Chipotle, Au Bon Pain, Noodles & Company, and Ruby Tuesday. Here are some of the best and healthiest options available to consumers today. The menus are clean and simple, and the food is often fresh and flavorful.

Ruby Tuesday

While Ruby Tuesday offers many low-calorie options, their menu is still full of high- calorie items. One entree, grilled salmon with steamed broccoli, has more than 1,000 calories and 40 grams of fat. It’s also important to note that many items are high in sodium, so you may want to skip them altogether.

The company’s history dates back to Knoxville, Tennessee, where it began in a single restaurant near the University of Tennessee. The company has since expanded to hundreds of locations worldwide. In 1996, it became a publicly-traded company. The CEO Shawn Lederman claims that the company is a healthier chain than it was a decade ago.

Despite its success, the chain is not without controversy. A pandemic in the United States caused many restaurants to close their doors. Revenues were down and staffing levels were low. In October 2020, Ruby Tuesday’s parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for all of its 50 affiliates and all of its restaurants. The company will continue to focus on its off-premise business and virtual delivery- only brands.


The healthy ingredients used in Chipotle meals are a key part of making the chain a healthy choice. The company is known for its emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Before ordering, check the menu to determine how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates each item contains. You can even substitute white rice with whole grain brown rice, which is much healthier for your waistline. You can also opt for vegan or vegetarian options if you prefer.

The restaurant’s menu is flexible enough to accommodate most diets, thanks to its clean ingredients and the fact that it allows customers to mix and match certain components of a meal. You can also choose a bowl without tortillas for a healthier meal. Choosing grilled vegetables instead of tortillas will help you get the proper amount of fiber.

Au Bon Pain

Health-conscious consumers have several options when they visit Au Bon Pain. Since its founding three decades ago, the chain has grown to more than 300 locations worldwide. Menu items include a gluten-free breakfast meal, a low-sodium menu, and vegan cuisine.

The chain has made a conscious effort to create menu items that are both tasty and nutritious. This commitment is evident in the new Portions product line, which taps into the tapas/small plates trend. The line includes 14 tasty dishes that are made fresh daily and packaged individually with 200 or less calories. This menu item addresses the growing need of consumers for convenient, healthy meals.

The chain began in 1978 and has more than 200 locations in the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan. The restaurant offers a wide variety of bread and bakery- style food, including sandwiches, wraps, breakfast foods, and coffee. It also offers catering services for hospitals, cultural institutions, and corporations.

Noodles & Company

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, the food industry has changed dramatically. Many consumers are now ordering their food online or at home through delivery services. Noodles & Company saw this trend and adapted by launching ghost kitchens, fully digital spaces where customers can order and pay for their meals without having to sit down.

Noodles & Company’s menu is a combination of Asian, Mediterranean, and American cuisines. Customers can enjoy a variety of dishes like chicken noodle soup, Caesar salad, saut ed beef, and desserts. The food is also inexpensive and convenient.


For those on a diet or trying to maintain a specific weight and nutrition goal, Wendy’s offers several healthy options. For instance, the chain offers salads that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Salads are also made with a low-calorie dressing.

In addition to salads, Wendy’s offers a variety of sandwiches and burritos. The menu also includes a wide range of options for vegetarians and vegans. Other healthy choices include apple bites, baked potatoes, and the famous Frosty. Also, if you suffer from allergies or have dietary restrictions, Wendy’s offers special preparations without certain ingredients.

The lettuce wrap sandwich at Wendy’s contains 28 grams of protein and just six grams of carbohydrates. It’s also available with a side salad topped with ranch dressing.