Cheap Healthy Fast Food Restaurants

Cheap Healthy Fast Food Restaurants

While you’re at a fast food restaurant, look for cheap healthy fast food options that are high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and free of trans fats. If you’re trying to improve your health, it’s also a good idea to bring your own supplements and healthy sides to make your meal even healthier. A quick check at the menu will reveal that many of the choices available on the menu are not particularly healthy and lack essential nutrients.


Chipotle is a fast-casual dining place with a Mexican-inspired menu. It allows customers to customize their orders and uses quality ingredients. There are many different diet options at Chipotle, including vegetarian, low-fat, and vegan. You can also order a salad or bowl instead of a burrito, and many of the meals come with light sauces and vegetables.

Chipotle uses 53 different ingredients in their food, and their website displays each ingredient’s nutrition information. This transparency makes it easy to plan your meals. However, their menu can be overwhelming.

Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Wendy’s Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad is a delicious salad that’s good for your health and waistline. The salad is packed with flavor, with chicken, grilled, and three kinds of lettuce. It also contains more protein and fiber than other fast food salads. It also doesn’t have a lot of calories.

The salad itself contains 35 grams of protein. It also contains avocado, quinoa, and rice. You can also get a side of mango salsa for added flavor. And you’ll feel satisfied without feeling hungry.

Grilled chicken cool wrap

If you’re looking for cheap and healthy fast food options, consider the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap from Chick-fil-A. This sandwich is only 380 calories and provides 28 grams of protein. Although this sandwich may sound boring, it actually packs a lot of flavor. The wrap can easily be folded so that there is no loss of flavor during the cooking process. You can also get this sandwich as a combo meal with a side and a drink for only $10.

Another good thing about grilled chicken cool wrap is that it’s low in calories and carbs. A regular chicken wrap has just thirty grams of carbs and 36 grams of protein, so you’ll be eating a healthy meal at an affordable price. Unlike many other chicken wraps, this version of the fast food favorite doesn’t contain any processed ingredients. Instead, the wrap is made with lean chicken breast and avocado, surrounded by a whole wheat tortilla.

Mini Banana Split Blizzard

If you love frozen desserts and are looking for a cheap, healthy fast food treat, a Mini Banana Split Blizzard is a great choice. This 310 calorie treat is a classic and is the perfect dessert for chocolate or vanilla fans. Mini versions of other flavors are also available, including a fat-free option.

The calorie content and sodium content of many popular ice cream desserts can be misleading. Many of these sweet treats are loaded with added sugar and sodium. However, you can find low-calorie options that contain no added sugar and are low in saturated fat.


If you are looking for cheap, nutritious fast food, Wendy’s may be the place for you. The menu offers a wide range of items that suit most dietary needs and preferences. You can choose from a range of lean protein options, salads, and bean dishes. You can also order a half-size burger to save on calories and sodium. They also serve a variety of veggie options, as well as a protein-rich baked potato for vegetarians.

You can also try the grilled chicken wrap. This sandwich has the same amount of calories as the regular burger, but it is higher in protein and contains a bit more fiber. A small chili is also a good choice.