Wellness Officer

Corporate Wellness JobsGeneral wellness has been shown to have a constructive effect on worker productivity. These days, businesses, hospitals, well being care providers, analysis groups and even universities and neighborhood centers are hiring pros to run and oversee wellness applications that deal with smoking cessation, management of diabetes, weight loss and other wellness troubles.

In truth, additional organizations now demand or strongly prefer their wellness experts to have a nationally recognized certification in well being and wellness, says Beth Taylor, a consultant and a certified wellness system manager for Intercare Insurance Options in San Diego, an insurance brokerage and consulting firm.

For HR professionals searching to take on the part of wellness manager—or hunting to employ one—a expanding crop of expert credentials can assistance establish credibility and demonstrate hard expertise and current information in the field, authorities say.

Most full-time corporate fitness jobs need prospective candidates to have a degree in a well being and fitness-connected field or the equivalent of a degree from education and encounter, and certification by a nationally recognized certifying organization.

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