Health Fitness Corporation (HFC) Needs a Wellness Manager

Health Fitness Corporation (HFC) Needs a Wellness Manager

Health Fitness Corporation (HFC) is a leading provider of integrated employee health and productivity management solutions. The company is scheduled to report its first-quarter 2008 financial results on Monday, May 5, 2008, after the market closes. Afterwards, management will host a conference call to discuss the results. Health Fitness Corporation’s Dr. Gregg Lehman and Wes Winnekins will participate in the discussion.

Summary of duties

As a wellness manager, you will oversee program activities and staff. In addition, you will manage contracts, evaluate equipment, and respond to customer and media inquiries. You will also coordinate exercise regimens for clients, explain their benefits, and oversee the proper operation of fitness equipment. You will also coordinate fitness events and health education seminars.

Health Fitness Corporation is a fitness company that works with employers who are willing to pay for healthier employees. The company offers fitness management services and develops fitness centers for businesses. Revenue is generated through staffing and program services. The corporation operates about 400 corporate fitness centers.

Company description

Health Fitness Corporation is a provider of population health improvement programs and services. Its headquarters are in Bloomington, Minnesota. The company’s services include population health assessments, screenings, and consulting services. For more than three hundred clients in more than 30 countries, Health Fitness Corporation offers comprehensive solutions that help its clients improve the health of their employees.

The company is a leader in integrated health and productivity management solutions for employers. It plans to release its first-quarter 2008 results on Monday, May 5, 2008, after the market closes. The company will host a conference call to discuss the results. The conference call will feature the company’s CEO, Dr. Gregg Lehman, and President and COO, Wes Winnekins.


The Health Fitness Corporation is a national health and fitness management firm with over 400 locations in the United States. It serves corporations, communities, hospitals, and universities. Its services are based on a menu of products, programs, and consulting services. Its mission is to improve population health. Its headquarters are in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The corporation operates corporate health and fitness centers that help employers develop healthier workforces. Its services include designing fitness facilities, marketing and staffing services. Its locations include a total of 400 corporate health centers and fitness centers.

Hours of operation

Health Fitness Corporation offers a variety of fitness and wellness services. These services are primarily focused on improving the health of the population. The company’s headquarters is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Its services range from health management services to developing and marketing corporate fitness centers. It also offers consulting services and staffing services.

Pay scale

If you are considering applying for a position at Health Fitness Corp, you might be wondering how much you could expect to make. Hourly wages at Health Fitness Corp typically range from $19 to $92 an hour, but the exact salary you can expect will depend on your location, position title, and education. The pay scale below gives you a detailed look at the different positions within Health Fitness Corp and their respective salaries.

While Health Fitness Corp may not be the best employer in the world, it does pay its employees well. The company’s pay scale is comparable to the salary of other companies in the same industry. By comparing your salary with that of other companies, you can determine which company is the best one for you.