How to Get a Deep Clean From a Professional Carpet Cleaner

How to Get a Deep Clean From a Professional Carpet Cleaner

If you have decided to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, there are some things you should prepare. Make a list of stains or spots that need to be removed and mention them when booking the appointment. The pro will be able to go over the list with you before the cleaning begins. Also, be sure to clear the doorway to the room so the cleaning team can park safely. And, if you live in a city, offer to help with parking if they need it.

Principles of professional carpet cleaning

In order to get a deep clean, a professional carpet cleaner must follow five basic principles. These principles are important for preventing damage to the carpet. Without them, the cleaning process can prove to be ineffective. This article discusses these five principles, and how you can apply them to your cleaning process.

Agitation – The process of agitating a carpet to spread the cleaning agents is an important part of carpet cleaning. It also helps enhance soil suspension in the carpet. In addition, it reduces moisture and improves evaporation. Extraction – Another important principle in professional carpet cleaning, extraction helps remove 95 percent of the dirt and bacteria. This method is best for heavily soiled carpets.

Suction – When vacuuming a carpet, a vacuum cleaner with high suction power is best suited. It should also feature a hair agitation system for easy picking up solid debris. It should also have HEPA filters for reducing fine dust particles in the air.

Cost of professional carpet cleaning

The cost of professional carpet cleaning varies across the world. The costs are calculated according to the number of square meters of carpet that need to be cleaned and the overhead of the operator. Usually, a professional cleaner will need an hour and a half to complete the entire cleaning job. However, it is possible to negotiate the price by asking for an all-inclusive quote. If you are concerned about the cost, you can move your furniture to save on the service fee.

Some carpet cleaners charge extra for services that they do not offer. Many will advertise a low price for a standard room, then add on up-charges and other hidden fees. This is known as a bait and switch. However, a professional cleaner will give an honest estimate and never try to hide a hidden charge.

Prerequisites for hiring a professional carpet cleaner

Before hiring a carpet cleaner, it is important to consider what the technician’s education is and how much experience he has in carpet cleaning. Most employers look for basic customer service skills and a willingness to work hard. However, carpet cleaning professionals may also need to have some technical training and experience in processing technologies. A professional carpet cleaner must also be physically fit and able to work around heavy equipment. In addition, they must have a valid driver’s license. Some jobs also require a police check and a health check.

Another important factor to consider is the licensing of the company. It is advisable to hire a company with a license from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The process to obtain a cleaning license varies from state to state, so it is best to check the website of your local government for licensing requirements. In addition to being licensed, professional cleaning companies may also have a bond, which gives their clients additional security in case of accidents.