High-Protein, Low-Calorie Fast Food

High-Protein, Low-Calorie Fast Food

You can eat fast food and still enjoy a high-protein, low-calorie meal. Popeyes’ blackened chicken tenders, Taco Bell’s burrito, and Wendy’s grilled chicken sandwich all contain plenty of protein. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular choices, as well as a few alternatives.

Popeyes’ blackened chicken tenders are high- protein low-calorie fast food

Whether you’re craving a juicy burger or a low-calorie meal, Popeyes’ blackened chicken tenders are a great way to meet your protein and calorie needs. The five- piece handcrafted tenders are made with just 2 grams of fat and 0 grams of saturated fat. These delicious chicken fingers are also free of gluten-filled breading.

Blackened chicken tenders are the new fast food trend. While they’re not always advertised, these tenders are available at most Popeyes locations. In addition to the blackened tenders, customers can also order a small order of green beans. A regular order contains 55 calories and two grams of fat. There are also five grams of protein in a single serving.

KFC’s Grilled Chicken Breast

Grilled chicken breast at KFC is a good choice for high-protein and low-calorie fast food. Each piece contains about 34 grams of protein. And while protein needs vary based on individual circumstances, the USDA recommends that adults consume about 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight each day. This means that, on average, a 175-pound man needs about 64 g of protein daily.

KFC has over 5,200 locations in the United States. It …

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