An Objective Salu International Review

An Objective Salu International Review

Since you are here, I’m going to assume you’re looking at the Salu International business. Good for you. Many people just jump into something just because someone told them to. You are in the right place, because this Salu International review is objective. I am not part of this company. So you can be sure I’m not pushing my own MLM opportunity disguised as a review.

What about the company?

A company’s website can tell you a great deal about the company. Not only by what they say, but by how well the site is designed. Even though there was one page that didn’t want to be loaded, I found the Salu International business website easy to use, interesting and informative. The company’s founder is Ray Caron, and the CEO is Mark Barnes. With all indications, the company is financially solid, and is in a good place to help its distributors do well.

What about the product?

At this point Salu International does not have a broad product line, but the two products they have are based on solid medical research. Although each is a good product in its own right, the company believes that if they are taken together a synergy will be created, and they will actually work even better. The first product is Vital-Flex. It is an anti-inflammatory that fights cancer, painful joints and muscle spasms, and more.

The other Salu International product is Vital Res V. This is a supplement that is based on resveratrol. It also has anti-oxidant rich berries like Macqui, Acai, and grapeseed. Extensive research has been done on all of these, especially resveratrol. Some of the benefits recognized are increased metaboliosm, cardiovascular support, and cancer prevention. These products were developed under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Esposito. Dr. Esposito is certified board of clinical nutrition, chiropractic, orthopedics, and pain management.

What about the opportunities?

Invest a modest $ 49 and you are a distributor of Salu International. Many good Network Marketing companies are valued more highly. To be active and eligible, a member must autoship and have 2 personal registrations. One in each leg of the binary compensation plan. Binary comp plans are quite common, but I always advise people to understand exactly what is required to be eligible to get paid, and to know how much they can realistically make. In the Salu International business comp plan there are 6 ways to get paid. The first is retail sales. This is almost always present in a company that sells nutritional products. There are other bonuses, and there is residual income which comes from the monthly purchases of your downline team and their customers. There are also some attractive bonuses for top producers, including a one-time Progress Bonus and Car Bonus.


All in all, if you are looking for opportunities in the nutrition market, Salu International’s business has building blocks in place. A solid management team, a compensation plan that will allow you to make money, and quality products. Some people might think that limited product lines are not profitable, but others will think differently. The products are good, and it’s easy to focus on 2 products rather than a full catalog of items. All this is fine, of course, but you will need more. This Salu International review is designed to tell you what the company has and what it doesn’t have. In order to build a productive downline team, and market the company’s products you will need to create your own brand. This is how you stand out from all the other people in this market segment. This is done through a top Attraction Marketing System. You can generate leads online, brand yourself, and make money from people who don’t join your opportunity.