Being A Good Role Model

You have all kinds of wisdom and expertise. Also, there are people who already look up to you. Maybe there are children that really love you and see you as a role model for their lives. Whatever the case may be, you have garnered a lot of respect, and people will do anything it takes to glean from you. That is what being a role model is all about. Taking care to help other people achieve their dreams and provide counseling or friendship to whoever needs it most. You are not selfish in that area, and it speaks volumes to why your life is so fulfilling.

Being A Good Role Model

Your Love For people

Having a great love for those around you is important. This is something you know because you have started a mentorship program to help them. Seeing others succeed in life brings you complete joy. Just the thought that you played a role in making sure they made it through some tough times is why you do what you do. Having you around is very important to those that see you as the person to talk in a time of need. There’s nothing wrong with. It doesn’t mean that you are perfect or have good days all the time. It means that you know what to do in times of crisis, and you have a game plan for when you have to go through something serious. Also, you have people you esteem to be your hero that you talk to and that gives you the advice to pass down to those people or children who look up to you. There’s nothing wrong with setting the example on how to deal with things. People can see what you do and try it for themselves only to see that it works.

Starting A Program For Children

You don’t want to see children get caught up into trouble that they can’t get themselves out of. So any type of program where they can go and have fun is necessary to save their childhood. There is too much going on in this world for them to be dealing with life on their own, and yet some of them have no choice. They may not have both parents around or they are working and really can’t spend time with their child the way they would like. Having a program for them that keeps them away from the dangers of life helps. The parents are truly appreciative as well. They know their child is in a safe environment where they can’t get hurt or in serious trouble. You are doing a good thing by helping the children that you are around on a daily basis in your neighborhood.

Being a role model means living by example so people will have something decent to follow. You are that example, and you are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work because someone needs to see that and learn from it.