Easy Healthy Breakfast

Easy Healthy Breakfast

If you’re looking for a quick and easy healthy breakfast, you’ve come to the right place. This post will provide you with some great recipes to get you started in the morning. You’ll find healthy options such as smoothies, oatmeal bars, and scramble wraps.

Oatmeal bars

Oatmeal bars are a delicious, healthy way to start your day. These bars are made with only five ingredients and can be prepared in one large bowl. They are naturally sweetened with bananas and can be served warm or at room temperature. You can also wrap them in saran wrap to store in the fridge for up to a week.

To make your own bars, first prepare a pan for baking your bars. Line it with parchment paper to make them easier to lift out of the pan. You can also use almond butter or chia jam in place of peanut butter.

Oatmeal scramble wraps

Oatmeal scramble wraps are an easy way to enjoy a protein-rich breakfast in the morning. They’re also packed with colorful vegetables, which help you fight mid- morning cravings. You can heat them up in the microwave or oven. Once heated, fill them with scrambled eggs, colorful vegetables, and toppings. If you want a savory option, add bacon or onion.

You can also prepare your breakfast ahead of time by preparing your ingredients the night before. This will avoid sogginess. After you’ve prepared your ingredients, wrap them tightly in plastic wrap or foil. Remove the wraps and keep warm in the oven, or you can microwave them for four to six minutes to reheat them.

Egg cups

Egg muffin cups can be an easy healthy breakfast to prepare in minutes. All you need is a muffin tin, a nonstick cooking spray, and a few ingredients. Add some shredded cheese and your favorite seasonings to the mix and bake. They should be firm and puffy when they come out of the oven, but they will still be delicious. If you want, you can also add vegetables and fresh herbs to your muffin cups.

For a vegetarian option, add leftover roasted or steamed vegetables. You can also use frozen vegetable mixtures, but make sure to thaw them first. Make sure the vegetables are cut into bite-sized pieces.

Smoothie bowls

Smoothie bowls are an excellent way to get the recommended three-a-day serving of fruits and vegetables. They are packed with fiber and protein and are vegan and gluten-free. You can even use frozen fruit like banana, acai puree, mango or zucchini to add sweetness and thickness to the smoothie. If you are allergic to dairy or eggs, you can substitute almond milk for cow’s milk.

You can make the smoothie bowl the night before, and then simply store it in the refrigerator until you need it. If you want to make more than one bowl, you should store them in airtight containers. Store the toppings separately. For best results, store berries and citrus in separate containers.

Salmon toast

To make an easy healthy breakfast with salmon toast, you will need some smoked salmon and multigrain bread. Smoked salmon is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and is a complete protein. It should be sliced very thinly and is best served cold. It can be refrigerated for up to two days.

Dill and salmon go together well. Chopped fresh dill will add a nice flavor to the salmon. You can also use dried dill but it may change the texture. If you don’t have fresh dill, you can use lemon juice from the produce section. Using whole grain sourdough bread adds body and nutrients to the dish and makes a good base for the toppings.